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(Roleplay and NWS)



Long delayed post of my RPK-74M build. Started off as an unissued parts kit which I sent off to be assembled. It is not in the standard configuration of a normal RPK-74M. 

Don’t mind the Magpul AFG; got it today for my Shrike just to see how it feels. Figured I’d see how it fits onto the railed Vepr 12 handguard. I’ll do a proper post on the build details and parts soon. (GRH)

I don't understand sissy femdom sometimes, →


So much of it is about humiliation, so when you use feminization as humiliation, you are saying that it’s humiliating to be feminine. Is sissy femdom anti-woman?

Lots and lots of use of the word faggot. Why? It’s humiliating? So is sissy femdom homophobic? There sure are a lot of closeted…

Yeah no. Someone’s kink does not translate into their personal beliefs. Just because you enjoy it doesn’t mean you’re “homophobic,sexist and all of that.”

It’s like you said, a fantasy. Also, I don’t know what Femdom stuff you watch but what I’ve seen the Dom is doing what she wants in the guidelines of what was agreed upon. Basically, we agree upon what I can do but the men do not dictate how I do it. 

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